Dedicated 24 Hour Control Room

Our 24 Hour control room is a dedicated control room that plays a pivotal role within our firm and forms the center of our security operations. This is where all the very important information is received and processed. Based on the information received, our alarm monitoring software and trained control room operators will communicate the relevant instructions directly to our armed reaction unit.  Our control room not only actively monitors and manages all alarm radio signals it receives on a 24 hour bases, it also provides the necessary assistance in the event of an alarm trigger or in the event of an emergency by dispatching the required assistance directly to your premises for assistance such as our armed reaction unit, EMS Services, SAPS, Fire Brigade Services and / or Ambulance Services directly to your premises.


One of the biggest advantages we have over our big competitors is that our 24 hour control room is located in Lephalale and operated by local people who know and understand this area well. If you signup or are thinking of signing up with a national or international security firm, then you are almost surely going to be dealing with their control room operators in a city nearest to you. In most cases they only operate an administration office in smaller areas they operate in. This has many disadvantages, especially in a situation you require assistance as soon as possible as their operators does not know the area that you are living in and trying to provide them with directions to your premises will only frustrate you. In most cases you are transferred to another town or the operators just does not understand you because you are Afrikaans speaking and they are English speaking ONLY. Our control room operators, management and armed reaction officers are all Afrikaans speaking, however can fully assist you in English if required to do so.


As part of our operations within our 24 hour control room, we monitor selected client premises via our Live Remote CCTV Surveillance System. Our CCTV operators monitor your assets, customers and staff whilst you sleep, work or play 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a result our CCTV operators can at a moments notice, even before an event has occurred, dispatch our armed reaction vehicles to your premises if and when required to do so. If the situation becomes more serious our CCTV operators will dispatch emergency services / SAPS for further assistance.


Furthermore our dedicated 24 Hour control room operates and manages our Advanced "Auto Dispatch" software developed by Oryx Systems. It is an advanced 24 Hour alarm monitoring and Auto Dispatch system that never sleeps. In the event of an alarm signal received, it automatically sends detailed instructions to the closest armed reaction vehicle to dispatch security officers to your premises. This cuts out not just the dispatch time but prevents human error from delaying a response to any premises. In the event that the system might be off-line for any reason whatsoever, our operators can dispatch a security officer closest to your premises via our 2-Way Radio communication system. Each vehicle is fitted with a base radio and each security officer is issued with a hand radio that is directly connected to our control room in the case of a break down in communication.


Our Control room also assist in managing our security guards on a 24 hour bases. Each property that our guards operate from has access to our 24 hour radio communication devices and communicate with all our guards on an hourly bases. On selected properties / sites, depending on our customers security requirements, our security guards are monitored live via our Live Guard Monitoring hardware and software.


All our staff, including our control room operators are well trained and registered with the Private Security Regulating Authority of South Africa (PSIRA) as required by law.